Privacy Policy

We take data security and your privacy very serious. Here is a couple of measures we have taken to make sure your purchase data is save with us:

  • We do not store any of your credit card or other payment method information.
  • The payment providers we selected for our shop are PCI compliant and are under stringent regulations to make sure your credit card or payment information is secure with them.
  • We do not save passwords in plain text. We cannot access your password, so neither can possible intruders.
  • Our entire site is served via SSL and as such, the data sent between your browser and our website is end-to-end encrypted.
  • Our servers and databases are physically located in Singapore, a country with very high cyber security standards and stringent legislation for user data protection.
  • Our site has industry level protection against DDoS attacks and we aim to use the latest updates for our servers and software to prevent potential attacks.
  • We try to minimize data collection from you, so the information you provide to us only includes your email address and country of origin.
  • You can make purchases without having to register an account, the download file will be displayed on the download page and sent via email address.